Pro Lachshappen 100% juicy meat

Pro Lachshappen 2x20g (1 Package)
Pro Lachshappen 2x20g (1 Package)
Pro Lachshappen 2x20g (1 Package)
Pro Lachshappen 2x20g (1 Package)
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1 Package, 2x20g
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The Salmon Snacks are made from 100% pure, untreated meat which is simply dried.

The small snacks are low in carbohydrates and are free from grains. The snacks are soft and therefore especially beloved by pets.

The meat chunks are not treated with preservatives but shipped in a packet which is filled with a preservative gas. The gas is food-safe and has no effect on the quality of the product. This makes the “snacks” long-lasting, soft and free from chemical substances.

Cat or dog?

The snacks are suitable for both cats and dogs. The size of the meat chunks is better suited for cats.

Feeding recommendation

To be given as a treat as required.


100 % salmon

Ingredient profile

69 % pure protein, 8.5 % raw oils and fats, 0.2 % raw fibre, 4 % crude ash, 16 % moisture

Best before

As soon as the packet has been opened, the preservative is no longer effective. The snacks should be used up within 48 hours of opening.

Product information

Nutritional supplement for dogs and cats
2 x 20g packets

What our clients say

Fit und agil - Es geht immer noch besser! Chester (Blasenentzündung)