RyDog Vitalmenü Lamm Lamb / potato

RyDog Vitalmenü Lamm 800g (6 Piece)
RyDog Vitalmenü Lamm 800g (6 Piece)
RyDog Vitalmenü Lamm 800g (6 Piece)
RyDog Vitalmenü Lamm 800g (6 Piece)
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Your dog will love our all natural lamb dish, made of lamb, potatoes and carrots, a real delicacy with all of the ingredients required to provide your dog with 100% of the nutrients it needs - for every meal.


Completely balanced dog food. Ready to serve, best served at room temperature.

Special features of RyAnimal meals

  • wholesome meat products
  • contains only meat which has been approved for human consumption
  • contains only natural raw ingredients
  • delicately prepared using a cold filling process
  • home delivery service
  • free from sugar and other flavour enhancing substances
  • free from soya and corn
  • free from preservatives and colourings
  • free from attractants and fillers
  • free from animal meal
  • free from plant and cereal flours
  • no animal testing


70.9 % meat and other animal products (100 % lamb (of which 6% heart and 6% liver)), 20.0 % vegetables (50 % potato, 50 % carrot), 7.9 % rice, 0.8 % minerals, 0.4 % rapeseed oil

Meat products used:  

Lamb, lamb liver, lamb heart, lamb tripe, lamb trachea, lamb lung, bone meal from sheep carcasses

Feeding recommendation:

Dogs weighing up to 5kg: 200g
Dogs weighing up to 25kg: 400g
Dogs weighing up to 40kg: 800g
Dogs weighing over 40kg: 800g
+ addition of flakes
Dogs weighing over 50kg: 1,200g
+ addition of flakes

For a precise calculation of the feed amount, use the Anifit feeding calculator. http://food.anifit.com

Ingredient profile

7.5 % pure protein, 4.5 % raw oils and fats, 0.7 % raw fibre, 2.9 % crude ash, 78.0 % moisture, 0.24 % calcium, 0.16 % phosphorous, 0.27 % sodium, 10 mg/kg copper, 29 mg/kg zinc, 7 mg/kg manganese

Nutritional supplements

Vitamin D3: 250 IE/kg

Product information

All-in-one feed for dogs

Available in 200g, 400g, 800g sizes

What our clients say

Amy hat endlich keine wunden Stellen mehr! Trockenfutter nie wieder! Hündin Lia mit Niereninsuffizienz Pünktchen liebt die RyDog Vitalmenüs Wilma (Futtermittelallergie) Unsere Allergieprobleme sind dank RyDog Vitalmenu Lamm gelöst
Verkrustete Stellen gehören der Vergangenheit an Die Inhaltsangaben überzeugen Mit RyDog Lamm kein Durchfall mehr! Deeks findet das Nassfutter super Mit ANIFIT geht es Rübchen gut Duffy-Diamond geht es mit ANIFIT besser
Gute Figur, Schönes Fell und eine gute Verdauung durch Anifit! Schönes Fell und mehr Aktivität! Vitaler Dank Vitalmenü Miro ist von RyDog Lamm begeistert