A small, picky gourmet dog

Dear Provital Team,

Our Lucky is now over one and a half years old. He is a Bolonka Zwetna mix.
He is very picky when it comes to food. Also because he has a sensitive stomach.
I became aware of your product range this year. Partly because I had read a few testimonials.
Of course, I first ordered the taster pack to find out what Lucky likes and what he doesn't like.
His favourites were quickly found. Lamb and sometimes chicken. Tendency towards lamb.
Then your product range was extended a little and since then I have been ordering the RyDog Vital Menu Lamb 200g with courgette.
One of his favourites, as it is very digestible and well tolerated.
Secondly, the RyDog Organic Beef Vitality Menu with beef, potatoes and carrot.
I also ordered the Moby Dick with salmon, white fish and herring to try out, but unfortunately it wasn't possible to order this separately.
He didn't like it at all, even though he eats salmon. It was probably because of the other two components that he refused the food.

So I now have two solid products that he likes to eat.
A small, picky gourmet dog.

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